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  • Scratch 3.0 Cat Color Art – Project1

    Scratch 3.0 Cat Color Art – Project1

    I start reading a book called computer coding projects for kids, and begin with read 15 min and develope some a Cat Color Art project in Scratch 3.0. Give it try, hop you will enjoy it, and remember to leave your thoughts on the project link, thanks.

    Click or not: Scratch 3.0 Cat Color Art – Project1
  • scroll:bit for micro:bit

    scroll:bit for micro:bit

    scroll:bit is a little display with a lot of pixels! Its 119 bright white LEDs are perfect for scrolling messages with your micro:bit, or for animations, graphs, and more! Just slot in your micro:bit, then code scroll:bit with the block-based Microsoft MakeCode editor, or with MicroPython in the Mu code editor. It works in a very similar way to…

    Click or not: scroll:bit for micro:bit
  • My first project

    My first project

    Hello guys, This is my first project, that I made in Scratch mit edu. It is an awesome coding website for kids where you can learn and have fun. This is my projects link.

    Click or not: My first project